Services of Hartman Trade Compliance Consultancy

Below listed are some of the topics we specialize in.

Customs Valuation

We are familair with all customs methods for calculating the customs value and the options to leave out certain cost elements plus the requirements on what needs to be included. We built experience regarding intercompany purchasing /importing in the dependency between customs valuation and transfer pricing and adjustments thereof.

AEO license

Hartman Trade Compliance Consultancy can help identifying if your company is ready for the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) status and in your preparations before applying. We believe in the benefits of AEO. We built expertise in the USA for supporting C- TPAT (Customs and Trade Partnership against Terrorism) applications. We can assist in managing the license once issued, by providing tools to monitor and to secure keeping your certification.

Tariff Classification, appeal and higher appeal

We are experts in this area. We can define the appropriate Tariff / ”HS” code for your full product portfolio. We know the Tariff Interpreting rules and the WCO Explanatory Notes well. We can assist in securing your classifications through Binding Customs  Tariff Information Rulings ("BTIs"). Once Customs would disagree with a classification preferred by you and/or advised by us, we can assist you in registering an objection (appeal), and next a higher appeal. We can do so for any Customs' decision you disagree with.

Customs origin

We are experts in preferential and non-preferential country of origin rules; and the often related complexity to that. We can advise in realizing costs savings resulting from importing from/exporting to Free Trade Agreements (“FTA”) partnering countries (Not limited to FTA’s in which the EU partners). We are knowledgeable about importing from GSP countries against zero or reduced import duty rates. We dealt with and solved complex country of origin issues in exporting to customers' destination countries. 

Export control

We specialize in this sensitive area; including export control classifications and export license management. We are experienced in the delicate topic of embargoed- and sanctioned countries and the corresponding export prohibitations / limitations.  We can advise in your choice for screening software to control your export and prevent these ending up at not intended/not allowed destinations. We can assist in applying for export licenses from the various EU Member States agencies and US- authorities. We can share and implement a control framework to maintain compliant.


Hartman TCC can guide you in the complex landscape of Brexit. Apart from general consequences (e.g. Intra Community shipping to & from the UK become exports/imports and an EORI number is default required to support that) companies need to anticipate on their business specific effects. We investigated the expected consequences for all various Industries. We can quickly scan your operations and provide you with a tailor-made advice.

Excise tax

We can assist in the set up of exemption excise tax frameworks and advise you on the regulations.

Customs license applications & those for other government agencies (OGA) involved in import/export

We take care of applications for all various EU customs licenses e.g. for economical customs procedures like: Inward Processing Relief (IPR), Outward Processing Relief (OPR), Processing under Customs Control (PCC), Bonded Warehousing and the Authorization for a Temporary Storage facility. On the export side of things, we handle applications like: Registered exporter (REX) or Approved Exporter, export of dual-use goods (goods suitable for a civil as well as military use); -military goods etc.  We built experience in export license management and in the strict conditions for exporting to sanctioned & embargoed countries.

Some examples of import license applications we can take care of: Simplified procedures to register inbound goods into your company’s administration, the Approved Addressee license, temporarily import. We also do applications for: customs guarantee and import VAT deferment in the various EU countries. We built experience in importing into- and exporting from: Ireland, UK, The Netherlands. We can also assist in managing your temporarily imports & exports.

We can explain the consequences of customs licenses conditions and offer guidance how to remain complaint. 

We built experience in dealing with veterinary and OGA e.g. EHS (Environmental Health & Safety) authorities for imports exports in and from various EU countries; for: pharmaceuticals, opiates, precursors, raw materials of veterinary origin.

Tactical and Strategical advice

We can advise you where to focus on in the set-up or further professionalizing of Trade Compliance within your organization. We have gone through such processes more times.

Training/Auditing and Procedures writing

We are passionate about performing in-house training to improve Trade Compliance awareness. We are experienced in auditing your operations and administration. We are skilled in describing administrations and administrative controls: such an updated description is a default need for successfully applying for a heavy type of customs license or the AEO-license. We are used to  writing Global Trade Compliance Procedures. 

Interim Management

We can assist you in your interim needs for running a customs- or trade compliance department.


Hartman Trade Compliance Consultancy

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